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I have been called to serve an LDS mission in Raleigh North Carolina. I could not be more excited! I have been so blessed in my life. I've overcome a lot of things in my life. I forgive easy and love easy. I have amazing friends and family and could not ask for better. I love doing anything outdoors, singing, serving, cleaning, and making life the best it can be.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just the start of the rest of my life :)

This last week I graduated from MATC!! Your now looking at a newly certified nurse assistant. I have always wanted to be something in the medical field. I want to be able to help people who can't help themselves. I especially would love to work with children who are struggling with medical problems. I'm going to start searching for a job after I graduate from high school. I want to continue persuing something in the medical field. I either want to be pediatrition, or a physical therapist or something along those lines. I have not quite figured it out yet!! haha anyways I'm so excited to go to college. I'm excited to start being independent, but also quite scared!! I'm really excited for the future!! I know I will be guided by my Heavenly Father on the kind of paths I need to take to reach my goals!! :)

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